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Minions Loves! 5 Minions Movie Series that I recommend - 5 Minions movies.


What is the Minion Movie Series?

The Minion Movie Series is a series of animated films produced by Universal Pictures. The series is a spin-off of the "Phantom Thief Gru" series and the "Desperado" series, and the story revolves mainly around the lovable yellow characters, the Minions.

The series is very popular around the world and has fans of all ages, from children to adults. In particular, the Minions themselves are extremely lovable and are known for their comical movements, words, and actions, which keep audiences entertained and entertained.

The Minions film series series has its own fascinating worldview. The world in which the Minions live is very colorful and fantastical, unlike reality. Therefore, watching a Minion movie film can be a great way to get away from the stress of reality.

The Minions movie series is one of those films that are very funny and entertaining to the audience. For this reason, many people love this series. In this article, we will present the top 5 minion movie series and also summarize how to download minion movie songs, cut videos, and more.

History and Features of the Minion Movie Series

The Minion Movie Series is a series of animated films produced by Illumination Entertainment, in which, as the name implies, the main characters are the yellow Minions.

The first appearance of the minions was in the end roll of "Kaito Grue's Moon Thief 3D" (2010). However, their adorable appearance and chatty language drew a huge response from audiences, and since then the word "minion" has boomed.

Then, in 2015, "Minions" was released, with the Minions playing the lead roles for the first time. The film was a huge hit, grossing more than 100 billion yen worldwide, and the Minions became even more popular.

The Minions are characterized by their upbeat, fun-loving atmosphere and the characterization of the Minions. Since they are not good at English, they communicate with each other using their own unique language. Their actions and facial expressions are very realistic and make the audience laugh.

Furthermore, the "Minion Movie Series" is known as a family-friendly film. The storylines and characters can be enjoyed by everyone, from adults to children, and have gained a large number of fans around the world.

In this way, the "Minion Movie Series" has attracted a large audience with its lovable characters and entertaining storylines. We are confident that the series will continue to grow and become a favorite of even more people in the future.

Five Recommended Films in the Minion Movie Series

The Minion Movie Series is an American animated film produced by Illumination Entertainment. The series was created as a spin-off of the popular "Phantom Thief Grue" films. The Minion Movie Series is a comedy film about the Minions, who are adorable gelatinous creatures.

The Minion movie series began with "Minions," which was released in 2015. It was followed by "Kaito Grue's Minion Escape" (2017), "Minions Age" (2020), "Kaito Grue's Minion Crisis" (2021), and "Minions: The Two Golds" (2022).

The most distinctive feature of the Minion movie series is the colorful and hilarious Minions characters. They are mischievous and often act silly, making audiences laugh. Throughout the series, the Minions also have song and dance performances.

The film tells the story of the Minions' encounter with a female villain named Scarlett Overcrook and their great adventure following her orders. In the film, the Minions make the epic journey from London to Orlando, overcoming many obstacles along the way. This film is one of the most popular in the series and is recommended as a comedy film for children and adults alike.

No. 1: "Minions

Minions" is a spin-off of the popular animated film "Phantom Thief Gru," and was released in 2015. The movie tells the story of a group of small, cuddly yellow minions who chase a villain who is plotting to take over the world.

The film has a wide appeal to children and adults alike, thanks to its colorful visuals, fun music, and the characters' sense of humor. The unique "minion language" has also become a hot topic, attracting many fans.

The story features three minions, the main characters, who do evil at first but later become allies of justice, and includes flashy action scenes and touching moments. In particular, "Kevin," one of the main characters, is a charming character who keeps the hearts of the audience captivated.

Minions" has grossed more than $1 billion at the worldwide box office, and its popularity has yet to wane. The film is sure to bring joy and cheer to the hearts of its viewers.

Minions" is the most famous of the Minions movie series, and many people have seen it. If you haven't seen it yet, please give it a try. It will surely make you smile.

No. 2: "Grue the Phantom Thief's Minion's Great Escape

Grue the Phantom Thief's Minion Escape" is one of the most popular Minion movie series released in 2013. The film tells the story of the main character, Gru the Phantom Thief, and his minions as they face off against the villain El Major.

The story takes place in Gru Pit, the town where Gru lives. There, Gru falls into the trap of the villainous Ermajor and loses his beloved invention, a shrink ray gun. In order to get it back, Gru and the Minions sneak into El Major's hideout.

This film has a great deal of comedic elements, such as the unique personalities of the Minions and their interactions with Gru. In addition, the flashy action and flashy CG make this film full of highlights.

Furthermore, "Kaito Grue's Minion's Great Escape" is closely related to the original "Minions" film, so the storyline is connected. Therefore, watching the film together with "Minions" makes it an even more enjoyable film.

Kaito Guru's Minion Escape," loved by many fans in Japan, is a must-see film in the Minion movie series. Please enjoy it with your family and friends.

No. 3: "Minions Age

Minions Age" is the second film in the Minions movie series, released in 2015. Like "Minions," this film takes place before the advent of Gru.

The story begins with the kidnapping of the Minions by the Vicious 6, a vicious organization led by a queen named Scarlet Overqueen. The three minions, Kevin, Stuart, and Bob, the main characters, team up with biker Dr. Walter Nelson and struggle to rescue their friends.

The charm of this film lies in the fact that new characters are introduced one after another. In particular, the members of the Vicious Six, including the Scarlet Overqueen, are all unique and worth watching, and add to the story.

In addition, the action scenes are abundant and powerful. The sight of the minions overcoming various traps and obstacles and fighting their enemies will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Overall, "Minions Age" has a strong comedic element that keeps the audience laughing. In particular, the scenes in which Bob is the main character have a broad appeal, appealing to a wide range of audiences, from children to adults.

All in all, "Minions Age" is one of the best in the Minions film series. Action, comedy, characters, and story are all packed with charm that should not be missed.

No. 4: "Minion Crisis by Grue the Phantom Thief

GROO'S MINION CRISIS" is one of the most popular and exciting storylines in the Minion movie series.

The story follows Gru the Phantom Thief and his faithful minions as they confront a new enemy. Gru and the Minions struggle to betray the secret organization they belong to and obtain the latest technology developed by the vicious villain Balthazar Brat.

The film's storyline is filled with action and comedic elements to keep audiences entertained. The characters of Gru and the minions are also attractive, especially the cute movements and gestures of the minions. Furthermore, this film is also notable for its music. The music used in the film is exciting and adds to the tempo of the story.

Overall, "Minion Crisis" is a very entertaining film, and one that should not be missed when enjoying the Minion film series.

No. 5: "Minions: The Two Golds"

Minions: The Two Golds" is the latest installment in the Minion movie series, released in 2019. The movie tells the story of Gru and the Minions as they go on a great adventure to find a lost treasure.

The film, like the rest of the Minion film series, features the unique and hilarious expressions and movements of the characters. The film also makes extensive use of unique characters and visual effects, providing a visual beauty that is hard to take your eyes off.

As for the storyline, unlike the previous "Minions Age," the film includes reminiscent scenes depicting Gru's childhood. This allows viewers to delve deeper into Gru's past. The music is also a highlight of the film, with a lot of loud 80's disco music, which adds to the tempo of the story. Minions: The Two Golds" is one of the most highly recommended films in the Minions film series. It offers a story full of adventure and fascinating characters.

How to Download Minions Movie Cut and Movie Theme Song

There are several ways to download the Minions movie theme song, including

  • Purchase and download from music distribution services such as iTunes and Amazon Music
  • Listen on streaming services such as YouTube Music and Spotify
  • Download from free music platforms

However, illegal downloading is against copyright law and should never be done. We recommend that you purchase and download through legitimate channels.

In point 2, check out the Minions movie theme song on Youtube and use a Youtube download service to save it as MP3 or MP4 for personal use. Paste the URL of the video and choose the format you want to save it in.

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