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Introducing the theme song and soundtrack for the Confidence Man JP Heroic Arc!


Confidence Man jp Heroic Edition

The theme song for this drama, "HERO," is sung by singer-songwriter Masaki Sugata. The song is an epic ballad, offering courage and hope. The lyrics express the importance of overcoming setbacks and suffering and believing in oneself.

The artist and lyrics of the theme song "HERO" are introduced!

The theme song for the Japanese TV drama "Confidence Man JP: Heroic Version" is called "HERO". This epic song is sung by Japanese rock band Daichi Miura.

The lyrics of "HERO" are filled with messages of courage and hope, which, combined with the story of the film, moved the viewers.

Here are some of the lyrics of "HERO

  • All over the world, hearts that have been broken
  • Hero, as if to embrace the hearts that have been broken
  • You're not the only one, now take my hand
  • Let me hear you say Yeah!

The song's up-tempo rhythm and powerful vocals give energy and courage to those who listen to it. The song's appeal also lies in Daichi Miura's overwhelming singing ability.

HERO" is also closely related to the story of the drama, expressing the protagonists' attitude toward facing difficulties, friendship, and love. Thus, the theme song allows the audience to feel the drama more deeply.

Daichi Miura says of "HERO," "I want to deliver that feeling that we can accomplish something on our own. The song "HERO" is filled with this feeling and has captured the hearts of many people along with the drama.

This was the introduction of "HERO," the theme song of Confidence Man JP: Heroic Arc. This overwhelming song enhances the world view of the drama and gives courage and hope to the viewers.

List of songs included in the soundtrack! Don't miss the song played in that scene!

Confidence Man JP: Hideo Hen" is a drama that aired in the spring of 2020. This drama features a group of international scammers and tells a story of punishing a series of corrupt companies that appear one after another. And the drama was so well received by viewers that its soundtrack also attracted a lot of attention.

So, what songs were included in the soundtrack played in this drama? Below is a list of songs included in the soundtrack.

  1. HERO - amazarashi
  2. One on One - Kojima Yoshio
  3. Chameleon - NakamuraEmi
  4. United We Stand, Divided We Fall - Two Door Cinema Club
  5. Happy End - back number
  6. Tomaranai HaHa - Suchmos
  7. Mysterious Night - Seiko Oomori
  8. This is Me - Keala Settle & The Greatest Showman Ensemble

Many of these songs were played in scenes used in the film. In particular, "HERO" was used as the opening theme song for the main title and has become a symbolic song of this drama. In addition, "One on One" was used in the scene where the main characters try to con their way to the top, and its unique rhythm matches the visuals perfectly.

Furthermore, the price of this soundtrack CD is approximately 3,000-4,000 yen. It is also available at online stores, so please check them out if you are interested.

The soundtrack for "Confidence Man JP: Hideo Hen" also includes a diverse selection of songs that enhance the world of the drama. Below is a sampling of the songs included on the soundtrack CD.

  • "Confidence man JP Main Theme"
  • "The Beginning of the Hero"
  • "His Name is Zero"
  • "Passionate Con Man"
  • "Con Game"
  • "Last Game"

These songs were played in various scenes of the drama. Particularly impressive was "The Beginning of the Hero," which was used in the beginning of the drama along with "HERO" sung by Masaki Sugata.

The above is the list of songs included in the "soundtrack" or "Confidence Man JP: Hero Arc" soundtrack. The songs used in this drama, along with the story, color the world of this drama and leave a deeper impression.

What is the price and how to purchase the soundtrack CD? Check out the online store!

The soundtrack CD of "Confidence Man JP: Hideo Hen" can be purchased at online stores such as Animate, Amazon, and Rakuten Books.

Prices vary depending on the retailer, but are usually around 2,500 yen per CD. Limited editions with special offers are also available at online stores, so fans should check them out.

On the other hand, it is also available for download and can be listened to on music streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify, and LINE MUSIC. Please note, however, that it does not come with the same benefits as the CD.

Amazon is one of the most popular online stores to purchase soundtrack CDs. It is recommended for those who want to purchase easily because of its free shipping and point reduction services.

These are the prices and purchase options for the soundtrack CDs of "Confidence Man JP: Hideo Hen". Please check it out so that you can get your favorite tracks. Another way to save is to use a Youtube downloader to save videos and audios from Youtube and other streaming services where you can listen to the soundtrack tracks.

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Where can I watch the music video (MV) for "HERO"?

The music video for "HERO" is available through our official YouTube channel. This music video is a deeper expression of the world of the theme song "HERO".

The music video synchronizes with the story of Confidence Man JP Hero Arc, featuring beautiful and dangerous scenery flying around Japan and dramatic images of unique characters.

It should also be noted that the music video features the overwhelming voice of artist Enko Inoue, who sings the theme song "HERO," and the band sound is a perfect match.

In addition to the music video, various other video contents are available on the official YouTube channel, and there is a lot of must-see information for Confidence Man JP HERO Arc fans.

Furthermore, information on purchasing the soundtrack CD containing the theme song "HERO," including the music video, is also available. Please visit the official YouTube channel and enjoy the world of Confidence Man JP: HERO Hen.

There are also many ways to download the music posted on Youtube for Confidence Man JP: Hero Arc. The most recommended one is /Youtube download online site. Just paste the URL of the video you want and you can save it as MP4 or as MP3.

Confidence Man jp Heroic Edition

Confidence Man jp Heroic Edition


The music video for "Hero" is available on the official YouTube channel. It features beautiful and dangerous images synchronized with the story, and Enko Inoue's voice and band sound that express the world of the theme song "HERO. Please check out the official YouTube channel and immerse yourself in the charm of Confidence Man JP HERO Arc before you Youtube MP4!

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