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This is the place to listen to One Piece theme songs! Recommended playlists and downloads are also available!


One Piece Theme Song Playlist

  1. We Are!
  2. Believe
  3. Hikari E
  4. Fight Together
  5. Crazy Rainbow
  6. Jungle P.
  7. Share the World
  8. Wake up!
  9. Super Powers.
  10. Over The Top

These songs are all popular theme songs supported by One Piece fans. This playlist will immerse you in the world of One Piece.

One Piece Theme Song List

One Piece is a popular work loved by anime fans, and its theme songs are also loved by many people. Here are the theme songs used throughout the entire series and their singers.

Series 1

  1. We Are! (Hiroshi Kitadani)
  2. Believe" (Folder5)
  3. Hikari E" (The Babystars)

2nd series

  1. Bon Voyage!
  2. Bon Voyage!
  3. Kokoro no Chizu" (Boystyle)

3rd series

  1. We Are! (Straw Hat Version)" (TVXQ)
  2. Share the World" (Tohoshinki)
  3. Kaze wo Sagashite"(Mari Yaguchi)

Fourth series

  1. One Day"(The ROOTLESS)
  2. Fight Together" by Namie Amuro
  3. We Go!

5th series

  1. 2011" (Tohoshinki)
  2. Wake up!
  3. One Day" by The ROOTLESS

6th series

  1. MAD SURF" by Kenichi Asai
  2. Jungle P" (5050)
  3. We Are!

Seventh series

  1. Wake up!
  2. Hands Up!
  3. We Go!

8th series

  1. We Can!
  2. Hope" by Namie Amuro
  3. Crazy Rainbow" by Tackey & Tsubasa

Series 9

  1. We Are! 10th Anniversary Version" (TVXQ)
  2. Hands Up!
  3. Jungle P" (5050)

The above is the list of theme songs used throughout the One Piece series. All of the songs are wonderful songs that fit the world of the anime.

Relationship between the anime "ONE PIECE" and music

The anime "One Piece" attracts a lot of fans, and at the same time, its wonderful music also attracts a lot of attention. The music of One Piece is essential to a deeper understanding of how the story unfolds, and it helps to tie the entire work together.

The soundtracks and theme songs for One Piece are composed by well-known Japanese musicians and bands. For example, FLOW, who sang the ending theme song "GLORY - Because You're Here -" is highly popular both in Japan and abroad. Also, Mr. Kohei Tanaka, who wrote the famous song "We Are!" and many other songs, is an important figure behind the music of One Piece.

Furthermore, One Piece music includes a variety of songs that reflect the themes of the story and different image songs for each character. For example, Nami's image song "Koi no Trap" is a touching song that expresses her beauty and courage.

The music of One Piece is one with the anime, and it moves the viewers' hearts. Music played during the story expresses the atmosphere and emotion of the scene and leaves a deeper impression on the emotions of the story. The theme song and ending theme are also used at the beginning and end of each episode, creating a vivid impression from beginning to end.

The music of One Piece has captivated many people, proving the cultural importance of One Piece. We look forward to more music being produced in the future that will continue to be an integral part of the story.

One Piece Theme Song Popularity Ranking Top 10

The theme songs of "One Piece" are all masterpieces that bring back moving scenes for anime fans just by listening to the music. So, we will introduce the top 10 most popular theme songs of "ONE PIECE".

We Are!

This song is known as the opening theme song of the first season of "One Piece. The bright melody and positive lyrics are impressive, and it is highly supported by anime fans.


This song was used as the opening theme for the second season of "One Piece. It is characterized by sad lyrics and gentle melody, expressing sadness and joy in the story.

Hikari E

This song gained popularity as the opening theme for the third season of "One Piece. The song's epic sound and powerful voice are impressive and inspire a sense of adventure.

We Go!

This song was used as the opening theme for the 15th season of "One Piece. The song is popular among anime fans for its exhilarating melody.

Crazy Rainbow

This song is known as the opening theme of the 8th season of "ONE PIECE". It is characterized by bright and pop tune and popular among anime fans.

Share the World

This song was used as the opening theme of the 11th season of "ONE PIECE". The loud sound and catchy lyrics are impressive and express the excitement of the story.

Fight Together

This song is known as the opening theme of the 14th season of "ONE PIECE". The lyrics about friendship and bonds and the touching melody are impressive.

We Can!

This song was used as the opening theme for the 19th season of "One Piece. The lyrics are about courage and effort, and the melody is full of speed, making it popular among anime fans.

Brand New World

This song was used as the opening theme for the 6th season of "One Piece. It is popular among anime fans for its bright, positive lyrics and energetic melody.

Kokoro no Chizu

This song gained popularity as the opening theme for the 5th season of "One Piece. It is characterized by its epic sound and passionate lyrics, and stirs up a sense of adventure.

These are the top 10 most popular theme songs of "One Piece". They are all must-see masterpieces for anime fans, so please have a listen to them.

Check out the ending theme of ONE PIECE!

One Piece is famous for its theme song, but there are actually many attractive ending themes as well. Here, we introduce One Piece's ending themes and pick up recommended songs.

One Piece Ending Theme List

One Piece currently has 38 ending themes. Here are some of the most popular songs among them.

  1. memories" by Maki Otsuki
  2. RUN! RUN! RUN!
  3. Watashi ga Iru Yo" by Tomato Cube
  4. Shining ray" by Janne Da Arc
  5. Free Will" by Ruppina

Recommended Ending Theme

memories" by Maki Otsuki

This is the ending theme song used in episodes 1 through 116, and Maki Otsuki's beautiful voice is impressive and the sad melody is heartwarming. The lyrics depict the parting of friends and the departure of departures, which deepens the worldview of the story.

Watashi ga Iru Yo" by Tomato Cube

This song is the ending theme used from episode 131 to 155. The bright, pop melody and encouraging words scattered throughout the lyrics are impressive. In particular, the part that imagines the main character Luffy and his friends on a voyage with their friends is especially memorable. The soft voice of the female vocalist is also attractive.


This is an introduction of the ending theme of One Piece. Each song has its own charm, such as the popular "memories" and the bright and pop "Watashi ga iru yo". Please enjoy listening to the ending themes even after you have finished watching the anime.

List of Artists Covering ONE PIECE Theme Songs

The theme songs of "ONE PIECE" are popular songs whose melodies and lyrics have captured the hearts of fans. Many artists have covered these charming songs and reproduced them with new interpretations and sensitivities.

Here are some of the most popular artists. First is Hiroshi Kitadani, who sang "We Are!" and many other theme songs, including "Hikari e," "Share The World," and "Fight Together.

The members of AAA, who have an overwhelming presence in the J-POP scene, also covered several One Piece theme songs. Their voices in songs such as "Wake up!", "Believe", and "Mosaic Kakera" are even more exhilarating than the original songs.

Also noteworthy are the ONE PIECE Pirates, who are responsible for the fast-paced songs of "One Piece" such as "Hands Up!", "We Go!", and "Hard Knock Days". Their singing ability as well as their unique arrangements bring out new charms.

The above is a list of artists who have covered One Piece theme songs. Their songs have a new charm due to their interpretations and sensitivities that differ from the originals. Please give them a listen.

How to download ONE PIECE Theme Song

The theme song of "ONE PIECE" is well known to many fans for its powerful and emotional tune. In this article, we will show you how to download the One Piece theme song easily.

The easiest way is to download directly from online stores. iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, and other marketplaces allow you to purchase and download the One Piece theme song. Not only do these services offer high-quality music, but they also provide a safe and legal way to get the songs compared to illegal downloads.

There are also sites that offer free downloads, but we recommend that you refrain from using these sites, as they are often illegal and carry the risk of virus infection and unauthorized access. https://youtubetomp3. jp/を利用すれば is free of these concerns and offers the best sound quality. You can download them for free.

In addition, by using a subscription music distribution service, you can listen to a large number of songs including the theme song of One Piece as much as you want for a monthly fee; there are services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and AWA, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

With the above methods, anyone can easily download the One Piece theme song. Please be sure to avoid illegal downloading and obtain the songs in a safe and legal way.

Let's make an original ONE PIECE theme song!

Inspired by the world view and characters of "ONE PIECE", why don't you create your own original ONE PIECE theme song?

First, think about the image of the song. It is a good idea to imagine scenes that are typical of "ONE PIECE," such as the adventures of pirates and the bonds between friends. You can also consider the tune of the song and incorporate your favorite music genre, such as rock or pop.

Next, consider the lyrics. Take hints from the story of "One Piece," such as the names of the characters, their abilities, and the development of the story, and write your own lyrics. You can also incorporate lyrics in English or other languages to create an international sound.

Then, get the software and instruments you need to create the song: use DAW software and sound sources to create your own arrangements and sounds. If you can play an instrument, you can also incorporate live music.

Finally, you can publish your finished songs on music sharing sites such as YouTube and SoundCloud so that your work can be heard by people all over the world. You can also appeal to a wider audience by submitting your work to events and contests, which you can easily save on Youtube downloader sites.

The theme song of "One Piece" is loved by many fans. Why don't you express the world view of "ONE PIECE" by creating your own original theme song?

Summary of dancing videos using "ONE PIECE" theme song

One Piece theme song is loved by many fans due to its catchy and enthusiastic melody and rhythm. And its popularity is also expressed in the dancing videos! In this article, we will introduce some great dancing videos using the One Piece theme song.

1. "We Are!" by Kaba-chan

[Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RyxWjNvE7s]

2. "Believe" Dance-mita by Appare♪Utamaro

[Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJbC6UfBZUw]

3. "Hikari E" by Nerd Dance Club

[Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPyDQkLqZ3M]

I tried dancing to "We Go!

[Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9yJm1YmzLw]

5. "Fight Together" by Rega-san.dance

[Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2TtT0nVgEs]

Each of these videos is unique and energetically expressed by each dancer. In particular, the passionate dances to old theme songs such as "We Are!" and "Believe" are magical and captivating to watch.

These videos also inspire us to want to dance ourselves. You, too, can dance to your favorite theme song!

These wonderfully creative videos show the diverse talents of One Piece fans. Listen to the One Piece theme song, dance to it, and then create your own original video!

One Piece Theme Song Lyrics Translated and Explained

Along with its inspiring story, One Piece also offers great music. Among them, the theme songs are particularly impressive, with melodies and lyrics that leave a lasting impression on many people.

The first theme song, "We Are!" features strong and positive lyrics, expressing Luffy and his friends' passion for adventure. The words "We Are!" are repeated several times in the lyrics, inspiring the courage to face challenges together with their friends.

The second theme song, "Believe," is about the importance of believing. Part of the lyrics states, "Those who dream can live freely wherever they go," symbolizing the freedom that the main character, Luffy, pursues.

The third theme song, "Hikari E," sings of the beauty of moving toward the light. The lyrics convey the message that it is important to believe in yourself to find the way forward, even when you are lost.

The fourth theme song, "Bon Voyage!" is about setting out on a new adventure. One of the lyrics says, "Even if this day is over, tomorrow will surely come. The lyrics express the strong bond between the two groups: "Let's go forward together with our friends even in this ever-changing world.


One Piece theme songs have the power to express the world of the anime. Why not rediscover the charm of One Piece by listening to this playlist? Also, if you have your own favorite Youtube MP3 songs not included in this playlist, please let us know!

As mentioned above, each One Piece theme song contains an important message in its lyrics. Translating and explaining these lyrics will help you understand them better.

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