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Featuring a video of me singing the Kiimeno Yaiba Song! That famous YouTuber also appeared? Including how to download!


What is "Kitsujime no Yaiba Uta"?

The theme song "Gurenge (Red Lotus)," which is the theme song of "Blade of Demons" (鬼滅の刃), became a big hit, and the song "Kikimeno Yaiba Uta" is an insert song for the anime. This song is sung by the members of the Oni-killer squad during battle, and the rhythm of the song changes to match the intense development of the story.

The lyrics of the song have been covered not only in Japanese, but also in English, German, Chinese, and many other languages, and it has become widely known throughout the world. The unique rhythm and catchy melody of the song have made it a favorite among many people.

The lyrics express the resolve and friendship of the main characters as they fight to defeat the demons, as well as their pity for their enemy demons, and are an important part of deepening the worldview of the story.

What is the point of singing the "Ki no Kitsu no Yaiba" song?

Kikimono Yaiba Uta became widely known among anime fans after the theme song "Kourenge" of "Blade of Demons" became a big hit. Many people may be captivated by her passionate singing voice and want to try singing it themselves.

In this issue, we will introduce some tips on how to sing the Kiiten no Yaiba Uta.

Point 1: Emotional expression

Kiimono Yaiba Uta is a song that expresses the passion of Sumijiro, the main character in the film, as he fights his way through the song. Therefore, it is important to empathize with the meaning of the lyrics and the story, and to sing the song with your own emotions.

For example, the phrase "If we share the pain, even the hurt is beautiful," conveys the message that it is important to share suffering with others. When singing these lyrics, try to replace the sadness and pain felt by Sumijiro with your own experience and sing with deeper emotion.

Point 2: Strong and beautiful vocalization

Kikimeno Yaiba Uta is characterized by its melancholy melody and passionate lyrics. Therefore, strong and beautiful vocalization is required.

First, begin singing by creating a wide space in your mouth and being conscious of your natural breathing. Then, it is important to relax the muscles around the mouth and face, and sing in a relaxed state.

Also, be careful not to overuse your throat in the high note parts, and try to sing according to your voice quality.

These are some of the points to remember when singing kimemei yayaba uta. By expressing your own emotions and keeping in mind your own strong and beautiful vocalization, you will be able to produce a more wonderful singing voice.

Video summary of singing the Kiimono Yaiba Uta

The song is famous as the theme song of the anime "Oni-no-Elimination". The song attracts many people with its unique rhythm and inspiring lyrics.

Here we present a collection of videos of the Kiimasu Yaiba Uta sung by numerous YouTubers. These videos include various levels of singing, from beginner to advanced. We hope you will find a video that suits you and give it a try! You can also consider using Youtube MP3 Converter to save the Kiimono Yaiba songs.

YouTuber 1: "I sang the Kiimono Yaiba Song"

This video shows ordinary people singing Kiitsu no Yaiba songs at home. Their simple singing voice strikes a chord with viewers.

YouTuber 2: "A Professional Teaches You How to Sing the Kiimono Yaiba Song."

In this video, a professional singer shows how to sing the Kiimono Yaiba songs. It contains a lot of valuable information on how to learn basic skills such as proper vocalization and rhythm.

YouTuber 3 "Idols Sing Kiimasu Yaiba Uta" (Idols Sing Kiimasu Yaiba Uta)

Here is a video of members of a popular idol group performing the KiTMETSU no Yaiba Uta. Their beautiful singing voices and stage performances are sure to catch your attention.

These are just a few of the videos of Kiimono Yaiba Singing that I will introduce in this article. Each video has its own unique personality and each has its own appealing singing voice. You, too, should take this opportunity to give it a try!

Featuring videos of famous YouTubers singing Kiimasu no Yaiba songs

There are many YouTubers who sing the "Ki no Ki no Yaiba Uta," an insert song of "Oni no Kai" that is as popular as "Kourenka," the theme song of "Blade of Oni no Kai. Here we pick out some of the most notable YouTubers among them.

1. Anzu Channel

Anzu-channeru is a YouTuber who has covered many anime songs, and "Kitsujitsu no Yaiba Uta" is one of her specialties. Her voice has the power and passion of the original song, making it a pleasure to listen to.

2. Inori Minase

Don't miss the video of Inori Minase, who is also a voice actress, performing "Kitsujimeno Yaiba Uta". Her sweet and gentle voice expresses a sad yet beautiful view of the world.

3. kagura Mea

Kagura Mea is also a member of "Nijio Classics," an idol group on YouTube. Her song "Kiimono Yaiba Uta" is impressive for its cute, idol-like performance and crystal-clear voice.

These are some of the notable YouTubers singing the "Kiimono Yaiba Uta" video. Their singing voices are as charming as the original song, and we encourage you to give it a listen!

A collection of impressions and reviews of the "Kiimono Yaiba Uta" song.

Many people are fascinated by the video of singing the Ki Tsui no Yaiba song. I am one of them and an enthusiastic fan of this song. This song teaches us fortitude with its magnificent melody and deep lyrics.

When I first heard this song, I was overwhelmed by its beauty. And I wanted to sing this song myself. First, it was important for me to understand the meaning of the lyrics. Then, I practiced my vocalization to produce a higher register. As a result, I am now able to sing this song.

Singing the song was a great challenge for me, but also a great joy. Singing this song allowed me to expand my own possibilities.

In the videos I saw of people trying to sing the Kiitsu Yaiba songs, there were a variety of people, from beginners to advanced singers, who were trying their hand at singing the songs. Their singing voices had their own unique personalities and were very attractive.

When I sang this song, I felt myself growing. And I believe that I can give courage and hope to many people by singing this song.

Finally, I hope that we will never give up singing this song. Kiitsu no Yaiba Uta gives us strength and courage. Let us draw from that power within our hearts and sing with confidence!

How to practice singing the Kiiten no Yaiba Uta?

The theme songs "Gurenge" and "Honoo" of "Kiketsuno Yaiba" are loved by many people for their magnificent lyrics and emotional melodies. If you want to sing these songs yourself, it is important to know how to practice correctly.

First of all, to improve your singing ability, you need to know how to use your natural voice and your back voice. It is important to know exactly how to use these vocal cords to maintain a stable pitch and strong vocalization, even in the higher registers. The use of breath is also important, and controlling the exhaled breath will help produce a natural tone.

Next, it is necessary to memorize the entire piece. Pay attention not only to the lyrics, but also to the structure and arrangement of the song. Then, it is also effective to use karaoke accompaniment to try to create your own singing style.

Also, when practicing, be careful not to damage your vocal cords. Pushing yourself to aim for higher registers or singing for long periods of time can strain your vocal cords. It is important to gradually increase the amount of practice while taking adequate rest.

Finally, it is also important to get feedback from those around you. By having them point out habits and mistakes that are difficult to notice on your own, and by making improvements, you can learn to sing better.

These are some of the ways to practice for singing kikimeme yaba songs, such as "Kourenka" and "Flame," the theme song of "Oni no koto" (The Blade of Demons). Learn the right way to practice and improve your own singing ability.

Recommended karaoke songs for singing kikimeno yaiba uta

The Kiimono no Yaiba Uta is a well-known theme song for the anime "Oni-no-Kei no Hane" (Blades of Destruction). Its uplifting tune and attractive lyrics make it a popular choice for karaoke singing.

Here are some recommendations for karaoke singing of Kikimono Yaiba Uta, which you can save with the Youtube downloader, or you can download the song from our website and save it as a song for your own personal use. '


Kourenka" is a well-known theme song for the anime "Oni-no-Kiri no Yaiba" and is a popular karaoke song. The tune is dynamic and the melody is easy on the ears, making it easy to sing even for beginners. The lyrics are also very moving, and singing along with the song is sure to be a lot of fun.


Flame" is a song from the anime "Oni-no-Blade" and is a popular karaoke song. The tune is intense and the passionate lyrics are impressive. Especially, there are many parts in the chorus that can be sung passionately, and it is sure to be a lively song.


Gurenge" is the opening theme for the anime "Blade of Oni no Kai" and is one of the most popular songs sung at karaoke. The tune is dynamic and the key is high, making it uplifting to sing enthusiastically. In addition, the lyrics are filled with hope and courage, and singing along with the song will cheer you up.

These are recommended songs for karaoke singing. Please choose and enjoy the songs according to your preferences in terms of ease of singing and lyrics.

Tips for beginners to enjoy singing the Kiimono Yaiba Uta

Kiimono no Yaiba Uta has been talked about for its flashy choreography and powerful singing voice. However, for those who sing it for the first time, it is very difficult and you may be worried about how to practice. Here, we will introduce how to sing Kitsumoru Yaiba Uta, which can be enjoyed even by beginners.

Memorize the lyrics

The Kiimono Yaiba Uta is known as the theme song of the anime "Oni no Kai" (Blade of the Demon). The first thing to do is to memorize the lyrics. If you memorize a little every day, you will be able to sing the song in no time.

Let's practice hamo!

In most cases, kikimeno yaiba songs are sung by two or more people. The overlapping of singing voices is called "ha-mori. Learn some simple hāmori that even beginners can do, and try singing with your friends and family.

Let's practice singing out loud.

Kikimeno Yaiba songs are characterized by high notes. For first-time singers, it may be difficult to produce high notes. However, if you learn how to vocalize correctly, you will be able to produce high notes beautifully. Let's try to practice making your voice a little bit every day.

Let's refer to cover videos.

There are many cover videos of kimeme-no-yaba songs posted on YouTube. Before practicing by yourself, take a look at the cover videos first. There are also videos of professional singers and famous YouTubers, which will surely be helpful.

These are some tips on how to sing Yaiba songs that even beginners can enjoy. Practice little by little and enjoy the fancy choreography and powerful singing voice!

How to make your own costumes and props for singing the Kiimono Yaiba Song

The song "Kiimono no Yaiba Uta" is a song from the anime "Oni no Kai" and its popularity knows no bounds. Costumes and props are an important part of covering this song. However, purchasing them is expensive and making them by hand is recommended.

First, let's consider the costumes. The haori and hakama worn by the main character Sumijiro are made of beige fabric with a distinctive pattern. If you want to make them by hand, start by finding the fabric. You can find them at Japanese fabric stores or you can purchase them at online stores.

Next, we will show you how to make props by hand. For example, if you want to make the sword that Sumijiro is holding, paper crafts can be helpful. Simply prepare a printed template, cut it out, and fold it to create the sword. You can also use sheets that resemble tatami mats as a background for your photo shoot.

Finally, by making your own costumes and props, you can get even closer to your characters. You will enjoy the fun of making them by hand and the process of creating these items. In addition, handmade costumes and props are original and can differentiate you from other cosplayers.

In this way, you can prepare handmade costumes and props to cover the KiMasu Yaiba songs. We encourage you to try your hand at this for the fun and satisfaction that comes from making something by hand!

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