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Song recommendations by Yonezu Genji that anyone can enjoy! Learn how to download!


Yonezu Genshi is one of the most popular artists in the Japanese music scene. His diverse musical styles and originality have made a deep impression on those who have listened to his songs. Here is a ranking of some of his most popular songs.

Genji Yonezu's songs reflect his personality and way of thinking. So again, we would like to get to know his unexpected side.

Ranking of the Top 10 most popular songs by Yonezu Genji

Genji Yonezu Song - Lemon

Lemon" was used as the theme song for the TV drama "Unnatural. The song is famous for its magnificent melody and moving poetry, and has captured the hearts of many people.

Genji Yonezu Song - Gray and Blue feat. Masaki Sugata

Gray and Blue" is a collaboration with Masaki Sugata. This song has a sad and beautiful melody and poem that captures the hearts of the audience.

Genji Yonezu Song - Flamingo

Flamingo" is a fusion of electronic dance music and oriental elements that showcases Genshi Yonezu's diverse musical style.

Genji Yonezu Song - LOSER

LOSER" is an attractive song with strings and a groovy beat. This song gives us the courage to overcome our failures and move forward.

Genji Yonezu Song - Planet in the Sand feat. Gen Hoshino

The song "Planet of the Sands" was created from the original version of the Vocaloid song, and the collaboration with Gen Hoshino is also a hot topic. The desolate world of this song is impressive.

Genji Yonezu Song - Eine Kleine

Eine Kleine" is a grandiose fusion of orchestral and rock music that demonstrates the musical versatility of Genshi Yonezu.

Genshi Yonezu Song - Peace Sign

Peace Sign" was used as the theme song for the anime "My Hero Academia. The song features a fast-paced beat and a pop melody.

Genji Yonezu Song - Lemon - Instrumental

Lemon - Instrumental -" is an instrumental version of "Lemon. The song draws the audience in with its beautiful melody played by a magnificent orchestra.

Genji Yonezu Song - Horse and Deer (with Koba Solo & Harucha)

Horse and Deer" is a collaboration between Kova Solo and Harucha, a song that highlights the originality of Genshi Yonezu.

Genji Yonezu Song - Chitose-doroshi

Chitose Doroshi" was one of the first songs Yonezu Genji contributed, and is known as a song that showcases his musical talent.

These are the top 10 most popular songs. These songs epitomize Yonezu Genshi's musical diversity and originality. What is your favorite song? You can copy the Youtube url and save it as MP3 easily at Youtube download site.

5 songs for beginners

Genji Yonezu has attracted many people with his unique voice, sense of rhythm, and poetic lyrics. Here are five of his songs that are easy for beginners to listen to and get into.

1. "Lemon

Lemon" is one of Genshi Yonezu's most popular ballads, released in 2018. It has a beautiful melody that combines sadness and fragility, and deep lyrics. It deals with a universal theme that everyone can relate to.

2. "Flamingo

Flamingo" is a pop dance tune that stands out for its catchy melody and hooks by Genshi Yonezu. It also includes modern elements such as synthesizers and electronic beats, making it popular among the younger generation.

3. gray and blue feat. masaki sugeta

Gray and Blue" is a collaboration with Masaki Sugata. The sad piano melody and the beautiful harmonies of the two artists resonate with each other and have the power to touch the hearts of the listeners. It shows that Genji Yonezu's music can be accepted by a more diverse audience.

4. eine Kleine

Eine Kleine" is a song that blends Japanese sounds of Japanese instruments and festival drums with Genji Yonezu's unique worldview. It incorporates a story set in medieval Europe, drawing the listener into a different world.

5. planet of sand feat.

Planet of the Sands" is a collaboration with Gen Hoshino and features a rock-style arrangement. The space-themed lyrics and spectacular soundscape are impressive and highlight the creativity of Genji Yonezu.

These songs are recommended for those new to Yonezu Genji's music. Each has a different appeal and is popular with a wide range of listeners. If you are a new listener, these songs are a great way to experience the music of Yonezu Genshi.

Top 5 Anime Theme Songs by Yonezu Genji

Yonezu Genshi has provided numerous songs as theme songs for anime. The following five songs are especially recommended among them.

1. Lemon (Anime "Blade of Oni no Blade")

Lemon," used as the theme song for "Blade of the Oni no Blade," is one of Yonezu Genshi's best-known songs. Combined with the emotional scenes of the story, it has captured the hearts of many people.

2. sharo (anime "noitamina")

The theme song for "Sharo," which aired in the "noitaminA" slot, is another of Genshi Yonezu's representative works. The song is impressive for its simple lyrics and unique rhythm.

3. peace sign (Anime "My Hero Academia")

Peace Sign" was used as the opening theme for the second season of "My Hero Academia. The lyrics depicting love between a man and a woman and the catchy melody are very attractive.

4. horse and deer (anime "Blade of Oni no Blade")

Written by Genshi Yonezu as the theme song for the movie version of "Blade of the Oni no Blade," "Horse and Deer" features powerful lyrics that symbolize the conclusion of the story.

5. flamingo (anime "Kette Kegai Grui xxx")

Flamingo," used as the opening theme for "Kette Kegai Grui XXX," is another popular song by Yonezu Genshi. Its sound, a fusion of dance-pop and rock, captivates listeners.

All of these songs express Yonezu Genji's unique worldview and sound, and are sure to draw you into the world of the anime.

A look at the unexpected side of Genji Yonezu!

Genshi Yonezu is known as a versatile artist in the music industry, but did you know about his unexpected side? In fact, he is not only talented in music, but also in art and design.

Yonezu Genshi's music videos have a unique world view and beauty. Here, we would like to introduce their charm. Yonezu Genshi's music videos are often directed by himself, and they reflect his thoughts and worldview. In addition, his music videos are filled with beautiful images and creative ideas that captivate the viewer.

Yonezu has loved drawing since he was a child and chose to major in design while in college. He has not only been involved in music production, designing the jackets for albums he has produced and directing music videos, but has also been creative in using his artistic flair.

Yonezu is also committed to promoting a better understanding of mental health. On his Twitter page, he has in the past introduced songs by Kafka, Hitoe, and others as "songs to listen to when you are not feeling well. In addition, during his live performances, he sometimes throws words of advice to the audience about the importance of mental health.

Genshi Yonezu is becoming known not only for his music, but also for his artistry and his thoughts on social contribution. We will continue to keep an eye on his activities.

What is the appeal of Yonezu Genshi's music videos?

In addition to Yonezu Genshi's musicality, his music videos also attract fans with their unique worldviews. music videos not only play an important role in conveying the image of a song, but the visual works themselves are often characterized by their artistic value.

For example, the music video for "Lemon" features beautiful seaside scenery and emotional performances, as well as an impressive scene of an old-fashioned festival held by the sea. His music videos often incorporate Japanese culture and traditional performing arts, which he expresses in a modern way to create a new appeal.

In the music video for "Eine Kleine," he uses CG technology to depict various night scenes, creating a wonderful fusion of music and images. On the other hand, the music video for "Peace Sign" is a collaboration with the anime "My Hero Academia" and offers an enjoyable mix of anime and real images.

Because of their diversity and uniqueness, Genshi Yonezu's music videos are also regarded as more than mere music videos. By not only listening to his music, but also enjoying his video works, you will be able to experience an even deeper view of the world.

Best 5 songs to listen to at Yonezu Genshi's live performances

Yonezu Genshi attracts many fans with his unique musicality and deep lyrics. The music he creates is the best entertainment you can experience at a live concert. Here are some recommended songs by Yonezu Genshi that you should definitely listen to at a live concert.

1. "Lemon

Lemon" is one of Yonezu Genshi's most popular songs released in 2018. This song is also famous for being used as the theme song for the Fuji TV drama "Unnatural. When performed live, the entire audience can be seen united in a chorus of the song.

2. gray and blue (+Masaki Sugata)

Gray and Blue" is a collaboration with Masaki Sugata, and is one of Genshi Yonezu's most popular ballads. It is a beautiful song with a simple melody and melancholy lyrics. The collaboration with Masaki Sugata is expected to be a moving performance at the live concert.

3. flamingo

Flamingo" is one of Yonezu Genji's songs released in 2018, and is characterized by its addictive sound. When performed live, the entire audience is sure to get very excited.

4. kamupanera

Kamu Panelara" is one of Genshi Yonezu's most popular rock songs, and his emotional vocals have become the talk of the town. At a live performance, its fast and furious performance is sure to captivate the audience.

5. horse and deer (+ Ringo Shiina)

Horse and Deer" is a collaboration with Ringo Shiina, and is one of Genji Yonezu's best-known songs. The lyrical lyrics and the beautiful melody that overlaps the harmonies with Shiina Ringo are impressive. Live performances of the song will impress you with the two's breathtaking performance.

These are the BEST 5 songs to listen to at a live performance by Genshi Yonezu. His music is the best entertainment you can experience live. We hope you will enjoy his music at his live performances.

You can also download Yonezu Genji songs from Youtube while appreciating the lyrics written by Yonezu Genji, such as Yonezu Genji bootleg songs, Yonezu Genji diorama songs, and more. To do so, just find a Youtube video containing a Genji Yonezuru song from a Youtube MP3 downloader or Youtube download online site, copy the URL, and access the Youtube MP3 downloader.

For example, take youtubetomp3.jp, a Youtube MP3 downloader online site. First, search for the music video of Genji Yonezu's song on Youtube. Then, copy its URL.

Then, paste it into the search box of youtubetomp3.jp, a Youtube MP3 downloader online site. Press the "Download" button to analyze the song.

After analysis, you can choose to save it as video or MP3.

Collaboration of Western and Japanese instruments! What is Yonezu Genji's new attempt?

Genshi Yonezu has attracted many fans with his unique musical style, but his music is also influenced by Japanese instruments and ethnic music. His latest experiment is a collaboration of Western and Japanese instruments.

Genji Yonezu is working with traditional Japanese instrumentalists on an album to be released in 2024. One of the results is a Japanese instrumental version of "Lemon.

In addition to the original acoustic guitar, this version uses a variety of Japanese instruments, including the shamisen, koto, and shakuhachi, to create a unique atmosphere. The sound created by this new approach has been highly acclaimed not only by fans of Yonezu Genji, but also by fans of Japanese instruments.

Furthermore, Yonezu Genji plans to continue collaborating with Japanese instruments in the future, and we cannot take our eyes off of his new endeavors.

Thus, the collaboration between Western music and Japanese instruments is a new challenge for Yonezu Genji. His spirit of exploration and challenge in his musicality will attract more attention than ever before.

Featuring Yonezu Genji's songs to listen to in the summer

When the summer heat surrounds us, we feel restless. However, Yonezu Genshi's music has the power to soothe such feelings. In particular, there are numerous songs to listen to in summer.

First of all, "Paprika" is one of the most popular summer songs. This song is known as the theme song of the animated movie "Hibiki -HIBIKI-," and its refreshing sound and lyrics match the summer scenery.

Next, "Lemon" is a medium ballad about love. This song is a perfect reminder of summer breakups and encounters. In addition, Genshi Yonezu's voice has the power to soothe the hearts of those who listen to it.

And "Ghosts of the Sea" is a song to listen to on a summer night. This song has a quiet and nostalgic atmosphere, reminiscent of the seaside at night.

Furthermore, "Uchiage Hanabi" is a song about a fireworks display held in the summer. The phrase "Like Uchiage Hanabi" repeated in the chorus is a memorable and impressive melody.

Finally, "Electrocution" is a perfect song for a summer night drive. The song features a refreshing electric sound, which goes perfectly with the nighttime summer scenery.

Genji Yonezu's music has a variety of appeal depending on the listener's mood and the season. Choose the song you want to listen to in the summer to get through the hot season.

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