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A look at IVE members' musical influences and how to download songs from Youtube.


IVE's musical success is the result of the influence of many artists. For example, there is a strong influence from Yellow Magic Orchestra, the pioneers of techno-pop. Another major influence comes from video game music, with Nobuo Uematsu, soundtrack composer for the series "Final Fantasy.

On the other hand, IVE's own influence is also very significant. Their music is frequently played by DJs around the world, and numerous remixes and cover versions have been produced. In addition, their music has been used in numerous Korean animated films and has gained a large fan base.

IVE's journey has been the result of many trials and errors that they have gone through in order to succeed in the world of electronic dance music. In the future, they will continue to refine their own musicality and create new musical expressions that will continue to attract more and more fans.

These are just a few of the musical influences of the IVE members. Their music is highly supported not only in Korea but also around the world, and is likely to attract more and more attention.

What is IVE?

IVE is a Korean music production group, formed in 2007. The group's name comes from the acronym "innovation value excellence" (innovation value and excellence).

They aim to create a new music culture by fusing technology and music. Their approach has been highly acclaimed and has influenced many people both in Korea and around the world.

IVE is composed of members with extensive music production experience, each with a different style and area of expertise. They have also developed their own visual style, with a strong focus on computer graphics and video production.

Today, they are active in a variety of fields, including animation, game music, and commercial music. Their music has a unique musical style that transcends genres such as pop, electronica, and ambient.

IVE is constantly creating new music and their influence is ever expanding. We look forward to their creativity and technical skills in the future.

2. What are IVE's musical characteristics?

IVE is a Korean girl group that has made rapid progress in recent years and has a wide range of musical characteristics. The main characteristic of their music is the fusion of their unique sound and beautiful melodies.

First, IVE's music can be described as "emotional. Their music has the power to strongly appeal to the hearts of those who listen to it, and their emotional lyrics, combined with their beautiful melodies, have an appeal that draws the audience in.

IVE's music also has a "dance-pop" element to it. In addition to the danceable beats, unique synth sounds and electronica elements are incorporated, and the catchy hooks that can be memorized upon first listen are part of the appeal.

In addition, IVE also focuses on "vocals" and "harmonies. In addition to the main vocals, the group also puts a lot of effort into the chorus, and the layering of singing voices creates beautiful harmony. The diversity of IVE's music is also one of its charms, with many songs expressing the unique singing styles and personalities of each individual member.

These are some of the musical characteristics of IVE. The "emotional" yet "dance-pop" elements that the girls pursue, along with a sound that focuses on "vocals and harmony," have an appeal that grabs the listener's heart and won't let go.

3. artists who have influenced IVE

IVE's musical signature is its unique worldview and sound, which has been created through the influence of many artists. Below are a few examples of artists that IVE has been influenced by.


Radiohead is one of the bands that IVE most admires and is deeply influenced by their music. In particular, we are fascinated by Radiohead's experimental approach and innovative sound, which is clearly evident in IVE's releases such as "Methuselah.


Björk is another major influence for IVE. We share her musical experimentation and eccentric fashion style and are influenced by her music. In particular, IVE member Yasutaka Nakata is a fan of Björk's eccentric music and professes to have been greatly influenced by her.

Aphex Twin

Aphex Twin is one of the most experimental and challenging of IVE's influences. They are interested in Aphex Twin's sound and the experimental nature of electronic music, which they reflect in their own music. IVE's song "Slack" is strongly influenced by Aphex Twin.

All of these artists have been influential in helping IVE create its own unique sound and worldview. However, by digesting these influences and incorporating them into our own music, IVE is constantly pursuing uniqueness.

4. examples of IVE's influence

IVE has had a significant impact on many artists and the music industry in terms of musical performance and production. Below are some examples.

4.1 Contributions to Technology

They came to global attention when Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, cited IVE as his favorite music group. They also participated in the Human Interface Group established within Apple and were involved in the development of iTunes and the iPod.

4.2 Expansion of music genres

IVE has created its own unique musical style, blending electric dance music (EDM) and technology. Its influence is still being carried on by DJs and producers around the world, establishing it as a new genre of music.

4.3 Evolution of Visual Expression

IVE expresses its unique worldview through a composite treatment of music and video. Its influence has extended to music videos and concert footage, creating a new method of visual expression.

4.4 Formation of a Global Fan Base

IVE is a highly popular group around the world and has a diverse fan base that transcends national borders. Their musicality and performances are loved by many people, contributing to the expansion of the music scene and multicultural exchange.

These are some specific examples of the influence that IVE has had. Their musical characteristics and global activities will continue to attract attention and influence many people.

5. the path IVE has taken and its future prospects

Since its inception, IVE has been recognized as an innovative force in the Korean music scene. They have influenced many people by captivating their fans with their unique sound and stunning visuals.

Since their debut in 2007, IVE has continued to evolve. From their earliest works, one can see that they are constantly reinventing themselves and always looking for new approaches. They have also always listened to the demands of their fans and taken an active role in the music scene.

In the future, IVE is expected to continue to change and evolve. They will always be strict with themselves and will be able to breathe new life into the music scene by taking on new challenges that will surprise their fans.

In particular, IVE is aiming for even greater success in the international market. Having toured internationally and gained a large number of fans in the past, IVE is expected to expand more aggressively into overseas markets in the future. Their original sound and visuals are sure to have a new impact on music fans around the world.

In general, IVE has established itself as an innovative presence in the music scene by continuing to innovate itself and constantly taking on new challenges. There is no doubt that the music and performances they create will continue to attract attention in the future. Let's keep them beautiful by using Youtube Downloader to convert to YouTube!

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