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Latest Edition! Doraemon songs and popularity ranking! Includes how to download!


Listen to the full Doraemon theme song!

The theme song of Doraemon is one of the most famous songs in Japanese animation. The song is popular among many people around the world due to its melody, which everyone knows, and the adorable Doraemon character.

The Doraemon theme song has numerous fans, with different versions in each series. You can listen to all of the songs in full, from the older versions to the newer versions.

Doraemon theme songs have changed with each series. However, each time the melodies and lyrics are ear-catching and appealing. In this article, you can listen to all the theme songs in full. Please reminisce and reminisce the old and new classic songs.

On this page, you can listen to the full theme song of the latest version of Doraemon. You can also listen to the theme songs of the series aired in the past. By listening to Doraemon theme songs, you can immerse yourself in nostalgic memories or discover new ones.

Furthermore, by listening to Doraemon theme songs, you can also use them as material for learning Japanese. While reading the lyrics, you can learn Japanese expressions and grammar. Also, by reading the English lyrics, it is useful for learning English.

To listen to the full Doraemon theme song, please click the link on this page. You too can have a wonderful time with the adorable Doraemon characters.

Full coverage of Doraemon's songs in the movie is also available!

Doraemon has not only the theme song but also numerous songs in the movie. These songs play an important role in furthering the story of Doraemon. By listening to Doraemon's songs during the play, you will immerse yourself in the world of the story and enjoy it more.

Doraemon play songs include many different types of songs, both old and new. For example, "Himawari no Yakusoku," known as the theme song of the movie "STAND BY ME Doraemon," "Let's Play with Dorami! and many other character songs.

In addition, some of the songs in Doraemon's dramas reflect Japanese culture and traditions. For example, the song "Million Times I Sing" was inspired by the Japanese classic "The Tale of Genji.

Doraemon play songs are not simply background music to accompany the story. The songs themselves are part of the story and are one of the elements that enrich the world view of Doraemon. Please enjoy the music of Doraemon, including the songs in the play.

By listening to the songs in the Doraemon play, you will not only feel the depth of the story, but also be exposed to the Japanese language and culture. It will be helpful for Japanese language learners to develop an interest in Japanese expressions and culture while listening to these songs.

The above is an introduction to the songs in the Doraemon play. Next, check out the Doraemon cover songs as well!

Check out the cover songs of Doraemon, too!

The music of Doraemon continues to be loved by all generations. And many artists have also covered Doraemon theme songs and insert songs. In this issue, we will introduce some must-hear Doraemon cover songs!

Yume wo Kanade Doraemon" - Tomomi Hanahara

Yume Kanakade Doraemon" aired on NHK's "Minna no Uta" in 1996. This song was covered by Tomomi Hanahara, and her voice made it newly popular. The original lyrics are retained, but with a more pop arrangement, making it a must-listen for fans.

Doraemon no Uta" - Keisuke Kuwata

Keisuke Kuwata's cover of "Doraemon no Uta" was released in 1988. The song is best known as the theme song for the original "Doraemon" animated television series, but Keisuke Kuwata's cover of the song was also a big hit. His gentle singing voice is impressive, and it is pleasant to listen to again and again.

Don't Leave Me Alone" - Johnny's West

Hitori ni nishinai" (Don't leave me alone by myself) is an insert song for Doraemon, released in 1991. The song has been covered and given new life by Johnny's WEST. Their powerful voices create a more dramatic atmosphere than the original song.

These cover songs are just as charming as the original songs and well worth a listen. If you like Doraemon music, we encourage you to listen to them on Youtube MP3 and other platforms!

Japanese expressions learned from Doraemon lyrics

Doraemon lyrics contain a wide variety of Japanese expressions. In this section, we will pick up some of the most noteworthy phrases and explain them. It is full of practical expressions that you will want to incorporate into your everyday conversation.

The lyrics of Doraemon are loved not only by children but also by many adults. The reason for this is the heartwarming lyrics along with the fun melodies.

However, there are many expressions in Doraemon lyrics that are also useful for learners of Japanese. Here are some examples.


But" is a conjunction that has a similar meaning to "but. It is often used in Doraemon lyrics. For example, in the lyrics of "Beyond My Dreams," there is the following passage

There are times when I want to run away

But still, I'm a lucky guy with you

In this lyric, the first part of the verse expresses anguish, "There are times when I want to run away," but the latter part, "Still, I am a happy person with you," expresses hope.

I will be."

The phrase "I will" is used when making a choice or a decision. It often appears in the lyrics of Doraemon. For example, the lyrics to "Nobita's Wedding Eve" include the following passage

I've decided to let you make the future.

In these lyrics, the act of "making the future" is shown to be something that one decides for oneself.

I'll ~te you."

Teasete irate" is an expression used when you do something for another person. It often appears in the lyrics of Doraemon. For example, in the lyrics of "Yume wo Koete" (Beyond Your Dreams), there is the following passage

Here, smile, as always

You have big dreams, I said.

In this lyric, the expression "I said" contains the nuance of "to give" in the verb "said" used in the lyric.

These are just some of the Japanese expressions that can be learned from Doraemon lyrics. These expressions are all useful for learners of Japanese. Why don't you try to improve your Japanese expression skills through the lyrics of Doraemon?

Learn English with Doraemon lyrics!

Doraemon lyrics are a great tool for learning Japanese, but they can also help you learn English. Doraemon lyrics contain many simple English expressions and are great for listening and pronunciation practice.

For example, the following phrases appear in the lyrics of "Doraemon Songs"

 I'm Doraemon
 I'm your hero

The word "Doraemon" has the same meaning in Japanese, but "hero" means "hero" in English. Thus, by comparing Japanese and English, you can learn the meaning and usage of the words.

Also, some Doraemon cover songs have English lyrics. For example, "Blue Star" has English lyrics.

We have seen the blue star
 Shining brightly from afar
It has come to tell us that the world we love so much
Will someday perish as such

This can be compared with the Japanese lyrics to learn the differences in grammar and vocabulary.

Doraemon lyrics are also a useful tool for learning English. By comparing Japanese and English lyrics, you can learn vocabulary and grammar. We hope you will enjoy learning English by using Doraemon lyrics!

This is the best solution for searching Doraemon lyrics!

Doraemon music is loved by many people. But sometimes you may forget the name of a song, or need to look for a particular lyric. So, in this article, we will introduce a solution to Doraemon lyrics search.

Use a lyrics search site!

There are numerous lyrics search sites on the Internet. Among the most famous ones are "J-Lyric.net", "Utasuki", and "Lyrical Nonsense". On these sites, you can easily find Doraemon lyrics. You can also search by artist or song title.

Watch and download lyric videos on YouTube!

There are many Doraemon lyrics videos uploaded to YouTube. In these videos, the lyrics are displayed so you can check the song title and lyrics. There are also many cover songs and performance videos uploaded, so you may be able to find new Doraemon songs.

With a Youtube MP3 downloader like youtubetomp3.jp, you can easily download and save Doraemon song videos from Youtube as MP3s. Besides keeping the sound quality at maximum, you can also save it as MP4 or as MP3. The success rate is about 99.9%!

To use, just paste the URL, select the file format you want to save, and wait for the download to complete. It's that easy!

The biggest advantage of this Doraemon Song Download is that it is completely free! Please visit the Doraemon Song download site (no installation required) and give it a try!

Check out the official Doraemon website!

The official Doraemon website has the latest information and data. And lyrics may also be posted on the site. By checking the official site, you can get the latest information.

These are some of the solutions for searching Doraemon lyrics. By utilizing these methods, you can quickly find the lyrics you need. You will also be able to find new Doraemon music.

Create a popularity ranking by voting for Doraemon lyrics!

Doraemon lyrics have nostalgic melodies that everyone remembers. In this article, we will show you how to vote for Doraemon lyrics and create a popularity ranking.

What is Doraemon lyrics voting?

The Doraemon lyrics poll allows you to vote for your favorite songs and create a popularity ranking. This ranking can then be shared with other fans, allowing you to see how much your favorite songs are loved by others.

How to vote for Doraemon lyrics

  1. Go to the ranking site.
  2. Select your favorite song.
  3. Click "Vote.

It's a simple procedure! Your vote will be reflected in the ranking, and together with Doraemon fans, decide the most popular song.

What you will learn from the Doraemon lyrics poll

Doraemon lyrics voting is not only fun, it also helps you learn Japanese. Doraemon lyrics contain many Japanese expressions. In the process of making your ranking you will learn new expressions and words.


Creating a popularity ranking in the Doraemon lyrics poll is a fun way to learn and interact with other fans. Vote for your favorite songs and see where your favorites rank. Your vote will help us create the best Doraemon lyrics ranking! These are the latest editions! Doraemon lyrics list and popular ranking. Have a hearty time with Doraemon music! If you are interested in other information about Youtube MP3s, please refer to the separate article.

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