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Conan movie all-time ranking! How to download the theme song is also available!


Conan Movies of All Time Ranked #1!

The Detective Conan series has long been one of the favorites for Japanese manga and anime fans. The movie version is no different, and enjoyed by many. In this issue, we will introduce the ranking of Conan movies of all time.

No. 1: "Detective Conan: A Nightmare in Pure Black

The movie "Detective Conan: A Nightmare in Pure Black" was released in 2008 and is regarded as one of the best in the Conan series. The story follows Conan as he rushes to the scene of a crime and confronts a mysterious man, the Organization of the Black Sword. The development of the story that brings us closer to the truth, the elaborate story structure, and the moving ending have attracted a large audience.

No. 2: "Detective Conan: Detective in the Sea of Death

Detective Conan: Detective in the Sea of Death" was released in 2013 and is the 17th film in the series. The story follows Conan and Kogoro as they visit a southern island to uncover the truth behind a difficult case. The film features beautiful scenery and fascinating elements such as the development of the characters.

No. 3: "Detective Conan: The Wreck in the Sky

Detective Conan: Shipwreck in the Sky" was released in 2010 and is the 14th film in the series. The story is about Conan and the Detective Boys who are involved in a murder case on a shipwreck, and the process of information gathering and deduction is one of the highlights of the film.

These are my top three rankings of Conan movies of all time. Although there are many episodes in the movie version, these films are considered to have all the elements of story, production aspects, and music at a high level. Why not take a look at them?

What is Detective Conan?

Detective Conan" is a Japanese mystery manga by Gosho Aoyama, and is a popular work that has also been made into an anime and a movie. The story begins when Shinichi Kudo, a high school detective, gets involved in a case and is poisoned by a black-ops organization, resulting in a smaller body. From then on, the story unfolds as Shinichi solves cases as "Conan Edogawa" in his elementary school form, while searching for a way to return to his original form.

The appeal of "Detective Conan" lies in the dramatic storyline centered on solving mysteries and the worldview created by the unique characters. In addition, a variety of tricks and foreshadowing are used throughout the story to keep readers and viewers entertained.

The Conan film series is based on episodes from the original comics, and there are also many original stories. The film version has added highlights not found in the original story, such as beautiful visual expressions and powerful action scenes. In this way, the movie version can be enjoyed in a different way from the original.

Detective Conan" is known as one of Japan's most famous detectives and is supported by many fans. Why not immerse yourself in the story and enjoy the fun of unraveling the identity of the culprit and the truth of the case together?

What is the appeal of Conan movies?

The Detective Conan series is one of Japan's most popular anime series and is loved by many fans. And part of its appeal has been carried over to the movies.

First, the movie depicts the original story on a larger scale. The movie version features powerful action scenes and a gorgeous cast that cannot be seen in the TV series. In addition, new elements have been added with the appearance of characters original to the movie.

In addition, the music is also noteworthy. The soundtrack by Katsuo Ohno, the music director behind the series, enhances the film's worldview. The theme song, in particular, is a topic of conversation every year.

Above all, the attraction of Detective Conan is "solving mysteries. The movie also depicts the process of unraveling the truth of the case, and the audience can deduce the truth together. As the story progresses, more and more elaborate riddles are solved, so you will never get bored.

These are just some of the attractions of the Detective Conan films. It is recommended for fans of the original story as well as for those interested in the anime and the movie.

Introduction to the Movie Story

The "Detective Conan" series is famous for being released every summer. This time, we will introduce "The 23rd Detective Conan the Movie: The Dark Blue Fist (Fist)".

The story revolves around the world heritage "Blue Dragon (Seiryu)," which was stolen by that black-robed thief, Kid. In pursuit of the identity of the culprit and the truth behind the incident, the main character, Conan Edogawa, struggles to somehow solve the case. Finally, Conan and Kid confront the real culprit. Who will triumph?

In this film, many characters from past theater versions will appear one after another. New characters will also appear in this film, making it a must-see for fans.

The visual beauty of the film is also noteworthy. The beautiful night scenery of Singapore, where the story takes place, and the cool action scenes are just a few of the highlights.

This film is another one that Conan fans should not miss. Please come to the theater to experience its power.

The above is an introduction to the story of "The 23rd Detective Conan The Movie: The Dark Blue Fist".

List of Characters in Conan Films

Detective Conan is an animated film featuring a variety of fascinating characters. This article introduces the major characters in the Conan films.

First, we have the main character, Conan Edogawa. He is a high school detective, Shinichi Kudo, who was poisoned by the Black Organization and disguised as a schoolboy. Conan struggles to solve the case and hunt down the Black Organization while hiding his true identity.

Next is Conan's partner, Heiji Hattori. He often solves cases along with Conan, and although he sometimes fails to realize the truth of a case, his warmth and erudition make him a popular character among fans.

Also important characters are Conan's childhood friend Ran Mouri, her father Kogoro Mouri, and FBI agent Shuichi Akai. Their activities are also essential to the enjoyment of Conan films.

Other characters include members of the Black Organization and various other people involved in the case. Their unique personalities are one of the attractions of the Conan films.

These are the main characters that appear in Conan films. Through their exploits and human drama, you can enjoy the world of the Conan films more deeply.

Introduction and Download of Music from Conan Films

One of the charms of Conan films is their beautiful music. The background music and theme songs played in every movie draw the audience in.

The music for the Conan films is composed by Katsuo Ohno. He is a well-known composer in the animation world and has composed music for many animated films.

The music for Conan films is tailored to the theme of the story. For example, serious scenes use heavy orchestral music, while action scenes feature powerful rock tunes.

Theme songs for Conan films are also very popular. A different artist is used for each film, and the songs enhance the world of the film.

In addition, the songs played in the films have been made into CDs, which are indispensable items for fans. The music of Conan films is one of the elements that is as beloved as the films themselves.

The music of Conan films not only makes the scenes in the play more moving, but also has the power to move the hearts of those who listen to it. Its beautiful melodies and intricate arrangements are sure to captivate anyone.

The music for the Conan films is highly acclaimed and has received numerous awards. Composer Ohno's talents have also been recognized worldwide, attracting attention from abroad as well.

The music of the Conan films is a work of art that transcends the films themselves. There are many Conan movie songs uploaded on YouTube. There are also many cover songs, performance videos, and music videos of the Conan movies, so you may be able to find new Doraemon songs.

With a Youtube MP3 downloader like youtubetomp3.jp, you can download and save the Conan movie historical video MVs from Youtube as MP3s with Youtube Downloader. The sound quality is maximized and the success rate is about 99.9%.

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Conan Movie Backstory and Trivia

Detective Conan is a popular anime series that has been on the air since 1994, and there are many trivia and interesting episodes behind the scenes.

One trivia is that Minami Takayama, the voice actress who plays Conan, was not interested in the role of Conan at first and refused, saying that she did not want to play the role of a boy. However, the production side persuaded her to audition. As a result, Mr. Takayama fell under the spell of Conan and has continued to play the role over the years.

In addition, some of the scenes in the Conan films are faithfully reproduced from real buildings and terrain. For example, in "Detective Conan: Zero no Executioner," Tsutenkaku Tower in Osaka appears, and its depiction was highly acclaimed by audiences in the Kansai region for its extremely detailed reproduction.

Furthermore, many characters who can be considered regulars appear in Conan films, and one of the most popular among them is the character Toru Amuro. He is a former CIA agent with a history of being a traitor between Conan and the Black Organization. His enigmatic characterization and good-looking looks have attracted many fans.

As mentioned above, there are numerous fascinating trivia stories in the Conan films. These back stories and episodes are yet another way for fans to enjoy Conan films.

Box Office Ranking of Conan Films

The Detective Conan series is a popular anime that has been broadcast since 1994, and many movie versions have been produced. Here are the box-office revenue rankings of Conan films.

No. 1: "Detective Conan: The Dark Blue Fist" (2019)

This film was a huge hit, recording the highest box-office revenue ever. When it was screened at the Shanghai International Film Festival in China, it received applause from the audience. The story depicts a battle against the Black Organization, and its epic scale and detailed storyline are among its charms.

No. 2: "Detective Conan: Karakohi no Koiga" (released in 2017)

This film was a huge hit, grossing approximately 9.3 billion yen at the box office in Japan alone. The story is set in Kyoto and was appreciated for its beautiful scenery and Japanese atmosphere. The theme song, "Because You're Here," was also a hit as a moving song written and composed by Takuro Yoshida.

No. 3: "Detective Conan: A Nightmare in Pure Black" (released in 2008)

With a box-office revenue of approximately 7.5 billion yen, this film boasts one of the highest figures in the series. The story revolves around the unraveling of the mystery of the incident in which Shinichi fell to his death. The theme song "Himawari," sung by Ikimono-gakari, is a refreshing song that was well received by many people.

These are the top three Conan films in terms of box-office revenue. All of them have attracted many fans with their detailed stories and beautiful images.

Summary of Comments and Ratings of Conan Films

The Detective Conan series is a popular anime that continues to be loved by many viewers. The series tells the story of Shinichi Kudo, an elementary school detective, who is made into a smaller body by the Black Organization and solves crimes as Conan Edogawa.

The movie version is equally hugely popular, attracting many fans with its funny and touching story. So what are the opinions and ratings of the Conan movie?

Viewers have given it very high marks, with many praising it especially for its interesting story, fascinating characters, and beautiful animation. In addition, many masterpieces have been created during the long history of the series.

For example, "Labyrinth Crossroads," along with the beautiful melody of its theme song, has attracted many people with its overwhelming sense of scale and locked-room suspense, and has received high praise among Conan films. Also, "The Sniper from Another Dimension" wowed many viewers with its amazing scenario and action.

Some, however, have been critical of the series as a whole. Among them are those who feel that the same storyline continues and that the positions of some of the characters are too subtle.

Nevertheless, the Conan film series continues to attract many fans with its engaging stories, characters, and beautiful animation.

The next film, "Detective Conan: The Day of Resurrection," is expected to take a new turn, and many people are looking forward to it. We are sure that many people will enjoy the charm of the Conan films once again and experience new excitement.

This is all the information about "Detective Conan". The release of the film is only a few days away, so please look forward to it!

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