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Full of moving stories! 10 Recommended Korean Dramas for Adults


Hello, Korean drama lovers! In this issue, I would like to recommend 10 Korean dramas for adults. These dramas captivate viewers with their inspiring story lines, great acting skills of the actors, and beautiful visuals.

First on our list is the blockbuster "Love's Emergency Landing. The story is set in North and South Korea and depicts a sad love story between a man and a woman. Next, "The World of Married Couples" depicts the emotional struggle of a married couple who question their marriage. The touching scenes that have made many viewers cry are also a must-see.

Also, "Why in the World is Secretary Kim? is a romantic comedy about the love life of a politician's secretary and her boss. In addition, "We Got Married" tells the story of the growth and love of the two main characters who got married under false pretenses.

Night Watchman's Journal" depicts the lives of night watchmen in 19th century Korea, while "Itaewon Class" tells the story of young people trying to make their way in society. And "Healer - The Best Lover" is the story of a reporter pursuing a case and the healer who supports her.

Furthermore, "Dukkebi - The Lovely Days You Gave Me" is about a romance with an immortal fairy, and "Mr. Sunshine" is about a man who was raised by an American soldier during the Joseon Dynasty and finds love for his homeland.

These are our 10 recommended Korean dramas for adults. Please take a look at them for their memorable stories and great acting!

Korean Drama "Emergency Landing of Love" Emotional Story and Highlights

The Korean drama "Love's Emergency Landing" is a sad and beautiful love story about a man and woman who crash-landed on the border between North and South Korea. The lead actors, Hyun Bin and Song Ye Jung's performances are compelling and have captivated many viewers.

The story begins with the encounter between Ri Jung-hyuk, a North Korean soldier who is a specialist, and Lee Ji-eun, the daughter of the president of a major South Korean company. Initially enemies, the two are gradually drawn to each other as they help each other many times during their shared life together and in critical situations.

What is noteworthy is the beauty of this drama. The gorgeous costumes and accessories against the backdrop of the beautiful Swiss landscape, known as the filming location, are sure to be a feast for the eyes.

The story itself is also very detailed, and even developments that may seem incomprehensible at first glance are carefully explained, making the story easy to follow. In addition, the emotions and pasts of the characters are depicted, which draws the viewer into the drama even more.

The Korean drama "Love's Emergency Landing" has more to offer than just romance. For example, it is a drama with deep meaning as it also deals with political issues such as the relationship between North and South Korea and the situation in which Ri Jung-hyuk is placed. This is a must-see for those seeking a touching story and beauty.

Korean Drama "Married Couple's World" Crying Scene Summary

The World of Married Couples is a touching Korean drama about the problems faced by an ordinary married couple. There are numerous tear-jerking scenes in this drama, but here are a few of the most memorable ones.

The first one I would like to mention is the scene where the main character, Ji-hoon, makes a sacrifice for his wife. Ji-Hoon was living with his wife and children when he lost his family because of something he did wrong. However, when he learns that she has been diagnosed with cancer, he struggles to raise money for her treatment using all of his wealth. In the process, he sacrifices himself to save his wife, which is very touching.

Also heartbreaking is the scene in which Ji-Hoon's wife, Su-Jin, battles cancer. Her hair is falling out due to the disease, but she still tries to live positively, encouraged by Ji-hoon. It is a serious story, but through Su-jin's strength and her love for Ji-Hoon, it is a memorable episode.

The last thing I would like to mention is how the two daughters grow up. The girls struggle to keep their family together, despite the problems their own parents face. The youngest daughter, Juli, is especially impressive as she pursues her own dreams while worrying about her father.

These are just some of the tear-jerking scenes in "The World of Couples. This drama is a fascinating and touching story about the problems and sorrows of ordinary people. Please take the time to watch it.

Korean Drama "Why in the World is Secretary Kim?" Synopsis

Secretary Kim is Why in the World? is a 2018 Korean drama written by Lee Yeon-seok and starring Baek Jin-young and Park Seo-joon. The story follows the romance between Yoo Jin Guk (Park Seo Jun), a taciturn and godforsaken elite employee, and his secretary Kim Mi Soo (Baek Jin Young), who has a strong sense of justice and a bright personality.

Yoo Jin Gook works self-sacrificingly in pursuit of perfection, while Kim Mi Soo fulfills her duties to expose wrongdoing, and the two gradually come to know each other and fall in love after a chance encounter.

However, Kim Mi-soo is left with a big secret, and she must face herself and overcome her past.

Why on earth is Secretary Kim? is not only about romance, but also about human growth and family love. The drama features a splendid cast, beautiful visuals, and a heartwarming storyline.

The charm of the main couple in the Korean drama "We Got Married".

We Got Married" is one of the most popular dramas broadcast in Korea. The drama deals with various issues between a man and a woman, but the main couple's attraction to each other is particularly noteworthy.

The main character, Jung Young-hoon, is a vain and ambitious man who dreams of marrying a rich young lady. However, he meets Choi Ga-ri, who grew up in a poor family. They meet by chance in the same place and develop a fateful relationship.

Their attraction lies in their contrast. Jung Yong-hoon's natural wealth makes him prone to selfish behavior and thinking. However, Choi Ga-ri has the warmth of heart and thoughtfulness to guide him correctly.

Another great aspect is their love story. Jung Young-hoon is selfish at first, but under Choi Ga-wooli's influence, he gradually changes his feelings for her. In the process, Choi Ga-ri is also drawn to him, and it is touching to watch their love deepen.

Although this drama is about relationships and love, the charm of the main couple stands out. Their emotional growth and expressions of love have captured the hearts of many viewers. We Got Married" is loved by many viewers for its touching story and great acting. Please pay attention to the charm of the leading couple.

What is the appeal of the Korean drama "Night Watchman Diary"?

The "Night Watchman's Journal" is the perfect drama for those who love historical dramas. The drama portrays a group of night watchmen who walk the city streets late at night during the Joseon Dynasty. They work all night to find bandits, fires, and incidents to protect the public.

The main attraction of this drama is the beautifully recreated historical background. The sets are meticulously crafted and reflect the lifestyle and culture of the time. The characters' costumes are also beautiful and enhance the atmosphere of the period.

Furthermore, "The Night Watchman's Journal" also contains a mystery element. When an incident occurs, the night watchmen search frantically for clues to solve it. By following this process, viewers can experience the tension of the story.

The characters at the center of the drama are also fascinating. The protagonist is a young man who became a night watchman because of an incident in his past. He has a strong sense of justice and is eager to protect the public. The actress playing his girlfriend is also an attractive character. Their relationship adds warmth to the drama.

Finally, another appealing aspect of "Night Watchman's Journal" is the social message it contains. At that time, Korean society had a strict status system and the poor were discriminated against. However, in this drama, the night watchmen show an attitude of equal protection for all citizens. This attitude is a value that can be applied even today and evokes empathy among viewers.

The Night Watchman's Journal is an engaging drama with a beautiful historical background, mystery elements, fascinating characters, and a social message. We hope you will watch it.

Highlights of the Korean drama "Itaewon Class!

Itaewon Class is a Korean drama that aired in 2020 and has been a huge hit and loved all over the world. The drama tells the story of the vengeful protagonist, Park Se-roe, who grows up to face various challenges while pursuing his ideals. The drama has many highlights, but here are some of the most noteworthy.

1. the story of Park Se-roi's growth

Park Se Roi is portrayed as a man who grows up while following his convictions through a series of hardships that begin with the shock of his father's death. He has a strong will that prioritizes justice and conviction over social status and financial success. Hence, the process of his growth and development in the face of various difficulties is very moving and vivid.

2. extremely realistic characters

The characters in the drama are appealing in that they are extremely realistic and human. They each have their own pasts and have weaknesses and flaws that everyone has. This makes it easy for viewers to empathize with them and be drawn into the story.

3. beauty of the production

Itaewon Class" is characterized by beautiful visuals, musical direction, and detailed storytelling. In particular, the depiction of urban landscapes and buildings is extremely beautiful and visually appealing. The soundtrack is also very impressive, further deepening the drama's worldview.

These are just some of the highlights of "Itaewon Class. This drama is packed with unique characters, beautiful visuals, a touching storyline, and much more. Please do not miss out on watching it!

What are the touching scenes in the Korean drama "Healer ~The Best Lover~"?

Healer ~The Best Lover~" is a Korean drama that combines action and romance, attracting many viewers. One of the most touching scenes in this drama is the sad farewell scene between the main characters.

In that scene, the main characters, Kim Moon-hoo (played by Ji-han) and Choi Young-shin (played by Park Min-young), try to keep their longtime love alive; the two continue to love each other despite the difficult circumstances they face and are successfully reunited. But then, as if by a twist of fate, they are torn apart again.

This scene is memorable for the moving music that plays as they part and for the powerful performances of the two actors. There are many memorable scenes, such as Kim Moon-hoo's decision to protect his loved ones and Choi Young-shin's final words of support for him. People who watched these scenes must have shed tears over the love and separation between Kim Moon-hoo and Choi Young-shin.

Healer - The Best Lover" is a Korean drama that focuses not only on action and thrills, but also on love and friendship. In particular, the love between Kim Moon-hoo and Choi Young-shin touched many viewers. Please take a look at the touching scenes in this drama.

Korean Drama "Dokkebi - The Lovely Days You Gave Me

The Korean drama "Dokkebi: The Lovely Days You Gave Me" is a fantasy romance drama that became a big hit in Korea. The main character, Dokkebi, is an immortal being who came to earth to fight against goblins. However, he is told that he needs a "bride" in order to become human.

Then a high school girl, Jihee, meets him and falls in fatal love with him. But the relationship takes a chaotic turn when Kim Shin, a grim reaper who is chasing after Dokkebi, joins them. The story progresses as Dokkebi and Ji Hye's love grows, and various obstacles and mysteries await them. And in the end, a surprise ending awaits.

This drama is an epic story with beautiful visuals, music, and a stellar cast. Its touching story and one-of-a-kind worldview attract many viewers.

If you are interested in fantasy and romance, this drama is not to be missed. Please enjoy the Korean drama "Dokkebi - The Lovely Days You Gave Me".

Korean Drama "Mr. Sunshine" Highlights and Comments

Mr. Sunshine" is an epic story set against the backdrop of events that took place in Korea in the late 19th century. The story begins when an American man, Yoo Jin (played by Lee Byung Hun), returns home to Korea in search of his roots.

There he meets a prince (played by Yeo Yeon-seok), the son of his best friend who once raised him, and through interaction with his family and the Korean people, he comes into contact with Joseon history and culture that he never knew existed. The highlights of this drama are the beautiful visuals, the meticulously recreated stage sets, and the performances of the gorgeous and talented actors. In particular, the lead actor, Lee Byung-hun, plays the complex inner life of Yoo Jin with a deep emotional expression that can be conveyed through his facial expressions and gestures.

In addition to the epic storyline, the film also contains many human drama elements. The sorrows and joys of the characters, and the changes in their relationships that are depicted through these emotions, make for an easy and emotional ride.

Mr. Sunshine" has been highly acclaimed overseas for its epic scale, beautiful visuals, and detailed storyline. Viewers will be drawn into its fascinating world and will be able to empathize with the historical background and the emotions of the characters, and will enjoy the emotional storyline.

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